Scrape the scrap’ :Creating Art From Bones

Aziz ul Rehman carves objects from bones using process that is both unique and prehistoric

Tabinda Maqsood

Srinagar 03 July 2022 : Jammu and Kashmir is a place where many people have a variety of diverse skills and crafts that are quickly becoming extinct because their descendants do not see it as a viable employment in today’s world. But, Aziz ul Rehman, a twenty-year-old young man, is of a differing opinion.
Aziz ul rehman has taken a different path and approach to art of making jewellery items out of discarded animal bones, while talking to Kashmir classic he said, ” I make various things from animal bones such as jewellery, key chain , knives etc.” Not only bone carving, but he also produces jewellery out of wood scraps, such as beautiful wooden things and calligraphy frames.
Aziz ul rehman, a resident of Srinagar’s Gulab Bagh area, is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in fisheries at Kashmir’s Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agriculture Science and Technology (SKUAST Srinagar).
Bones have been used for utility and decorative purposes since ancient times, according to him. He has been interested in crafting art since he was a child. “I did not want to be idle,” he said. To pursue his passion, he did not even need a lot of resources. Purchasing tools and equipment for this craft is a one-time investment that does not need to be updated on a regular basis. In Kashmir, the raw material bone is also free of charge; he frequently collects bones from butchers that offer them to him for free.

Social media has helped him a lot to groom his skills and business. He uses social media platforms for selling his works. He has garnered a good response from social platforms. His parents after witnessing his growth and progress have also supported him. “But they also want me to focus on my studies,” Aziz said.
He also recently attended an event in SKUAST Kashmir, Kisan Mela to promote his items, and he received a positive response.

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