Teenagers, Internet and it’s Impact

Saba Latief

Srinagar 03 July 2022 : The internet’s impact has two sides, one negative and one positive. It is up to the people, how they would utilise this ability; some use it to satisfy their curiosity by learning knowledge, while others use it for pleasure.

The most common category of people who are most influenced by the internet is teenagers. Internet addiction is a typical teen habit that can have a negative impact on their future as well as their social conduct and schooling.

One of the teacher of D.A.P.P school ms. Zamrooda said that, “Internet had affected the teenagers a lot in their lives. Internet has both positive and negative effects. Positive effects are like, from internet they can study, they can gain knowledge of many things from web. But the negative effects is continously using of internet, there is lot of time they waste . It effects their minds and also destroy their ability.”

While dropping his children at school nazir Ahmad dar said that, “Everyday an average teenagers spends up to eight hours on internet. Internet has a negative impacts because it is an attention deficit, it can cause depression, cyber bullying, and it does harm to the physical health of an teen.”

Zahid Amin PHD scholar said, “Internet is an attention deficit because many teenagers while doing study have a phone, laptop, or even television in front of them.”

“Teens are not giving their full attention on school works , and they are not doing their best work they could give,” he added.

Muzaffar Ahmad, a Clinical Psychologist said, “Due to the presence of internet some students short their sleeping hours as they sit on their laptops late at night, or play games etc . If these things continue for a long time, insomnia (stress, an irregular sleep schedule) may occur and it might affect their mental and physical growth.”

“97 % youth use a social media platform such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram in kashmir,” he added.

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