No Fee In Pvt Schools For Vacation Period: High Court

Says, anyone defying order shall loose registration

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir High Court has ordered that no private school can charge any fee (including transportation fees) for the holiday months that is April or May or June or July after the final exams. Some School charges monthly or annual fees for 12 months, when schools are closed for vacation for 1 or 2 mnths.

If any school charges fee then there will be action taken against that school to the extent that it may lose its licence. Parents can complain to the police. If fee has been paid in advance then one may ask for refund or adjust with the next month/s fee.

In case the school does not refund or adjust the parents may lodge a complaint with the police. If police does not listen then complaint at the CM window.

Wake up citizens. Wake up, don’t allow School Management’s to loot Parents.

Share this information with all your friends and family, Groups, Pl fwd as much as possible till it reaches all Pvt School Managements. (KNS)

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