Netizens surprised as man predicted coronavirus seven years ago on Twitter

New Delhi: Amid the coronavirus scare, an old tweet from 2013 re-emerged and became viral on Twitter and left netizens shocked.

The resurfaced tweet was written by a Twitter account named Marco with the username @Marco_Acortes predicting the novel coronavirus outbreak seven years ago. The user tweeted “Coronavirus….its coming” on June 3, 2013.

As the tweet resurfaced on the Internet, netizens were taken by surprise over the post predicting the virus seven years ago.

The post has received 38,000 retweets and 70,000 likes.

As post went viral, social media were immediately excited to respond to this tweet because COVID-19 itself has become pandemic.

A user wrote, “You hacked twitter to change the date right?”

Another wrote, “I mean… who would listen to u if we knew it was gonna take 7 years… oh wait.”

“His last tweet was in 2016 the government probably shut him down because he was being too loud” read one post.

A user remarked, “Everybody joking in the fuckimg comments when I’m literally here with chills wondering how someone would tweet this 7 years ago.”

Earlier, a thriller novel ‘The Eyes of Darkness’, written by Dean Koontz in 1981, mentioned a virus named Wuhan-400. In the novel, the virus was created as a weapon in a laboratory.

The novel talks of a Chinese military lab that creates a virus as part of its biological weapons programmed. The lab is located in Wuhan, which lends the virus its name, Wuhan-400.

As of Thursday, the overall coronavirus death toll in China, the epicentre of the outbreak, was 3,169, with a total of 80,793 cases. Globally, there were 123,825 confirmed cases, with 4,620 fatalities.


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