ANN News Channel Becomes “Most Favorite” As It Crosses 40 Lac Viewership In Kashmir

Srinagar: ANN News has crossed forty lac viewership in Kashmir, making it largest viewed and most favorite news channel in J&K.

ANN News was officially launched on 13 March 2018 and is available in all districts in Kashmir. In Srinagar and Budgam, the channel can be watched on cable tv on channel number 182 while the channel differs in other districts.

Recently held survey reveals most of the people watch ANN News in Kashmir as viewers marked this media house as most trusted “News Room,” in Kashmir.

Apart from daily Kashmiri and Urdu news bulletins, the channel got favorite tag through its most watched programme Saath Se Aath  Mudasir Yaqoob Ke Saath.

The Debate — Saath Se Aaath Mudasir Yaqoob Ke Saath — on ANN News channel — face-off between politicians and their opponents is one of the most-watched debates in history of Kashmir and also a major television event in its own right.

The debate kicks off at 7PM on every Sunday with an anchor of programme speaking live to panelists from Srinagar ANN News Studio, and runs for a 60 minutes along with commercial breaks.

ANN News management started the event on pubic demand.  Earlier, the programme format was one-to-one interview with anchor grilling the guest with most uncomfortable questions. While telling viewers in opening of programme as what the guest has done good to society, the anchor used to begin with toughest questions, saying: “Tareefain Baad Main, Shuruwaat Karte Hai Ilzamaat Ke Saath (Will admire later, let us begin with allegations against the guest.)

ANN News telecasts everyday news bulletins on 8pm in Kashmiri and 8:30pm in Urdu have been marked as most “trusted medium of news.” The daily special show Aayina (Mirror) —– the analysis of different social and political matters —– have been termed as “agent of impact” as authorities had taken cognizance of various public grievances highlighted in this show and redressed them thereafter shortly.

ANN News channel has also topped the list and appeared in top first fifty IPTV channels watched most. This was revealed by the survey conducted by America based SEBTU international in its three month survey report.

“We are overwhelmed by the kind response from our esteemed viewers. We thank them for making us most favorite channel in Kashmir,’ said Tariq Bhat, founder and chairman of ANN News channel.

While congratulating his team for their hard-work and results, Bhat said that more is in pipeline and channel aims to represent the every section of society and highlight their issues.

However, Bhat refused to make any direct comment when asked about the plans of Mudasir Yaqoob to close down or leave his show due to his other engagements. “Mr Mudasir Yaqoob is the most watched anchor of J&K and also my favorite. We may have some internal difference but he has never spoke about closing down of any programme,” Bhat said.

ANN News

ANN News is the first and only 24*7 Tv News Channel of Kashmir, having its headquarters at Srinagar. ANN News is available on all leading cable Networks, Also Available On JIO Tv , Vodafone,TataPlay , Candor Network, Dailyhunt and other leading Platforms

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