YouTube to run ads on content of smaller creators without sharing revenue

New Drlhi: Video sharing platform YouTube will now show more ads on creators’ videos, but will not share the revenue from the ad with creators, according to recently updated terms of services.

YouTube said it would now play ads on the content of smaller creators without signing them up for YouTube’s Monetization programme, also known as Partner programme.

Prior to this decision, YouTube would only display ads on the videos of creators who were members of its Partner programme. Generally, this pool comprised of large creators having a set threshold of high subscriber count and watch hours.

However, now, in order to enroll with the Partner programme, a creator requires a minimum of 4,000 public watch hours and 1,000 subscribers over the past 12 months, India Today reported.

Advertising is the main bloodline for YouTube and Alphabet, the parent company, with a large chunk of revenue being generated from ads.

This is besides the fact that many creators who are on YouTube are also dependent on their cut from advertising on their channel.

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