How this new WhatsApp scam is targeting people


Srinagar 06 July :


WhatsApp scams are common these days, and hackers are always devising new ways to trick unwary WhatsApp users into handing over control of their accounts. With simply a phone call, security experts have found a new scam that allows hackers to access control of WhatsApp users’ accounts. The latest fraud was brought to light by sheikh zada suhail, security researcher.

Reportedly, hackers advise victims to dial numbers beginning with ’67’ or ‘405’ when they receive a phone call from them. After making the call, they are locked out of their WhatsApp accounts, and thieves have total access to their accounts in seconds.

“First, the attacker will call you and convince you to dial **67*10 digit number> or *405*10 digit number>.”

Sheikh zada Suhail said , “Your WhatsApp would’ve been logged out in a couple of minutes, and the hackers would have total access to your account.”

According to sheikh zadA SUHAIL, the number contacted by victims is a service request for Airtel’s ‘call forwarding’ for when your phone line is busy or engaged. They can then redirect the victims’ calls to a phone number that belongs to them.

In the meantime, the attackers start the WhatsApp signup process by choosing “the option to deliver OTP through phone call.” “Because your phone is active, the OTP will travel to the suspect’s phone,” he stated.

In this technique, the attacker can get access to the victims’ accounts. As per the sheikh zada suhail, this approach may be used to break into anyone’s WhatsApp account if the hacker has physical access to their phone and authorization to make calls. He went on to say, “This strategy works internationally since every country and service provider has a similar service request number.”




Ignoring calls from unknown numbers or making calls to unknown numbers is the safest and simplest way to avoid falling victim to this scam



WhatsApp users have been getting the reports about the new fraud makers who have been using the platform and have started sharing a message which states about the employment needs in the UK.

WhatsApp is one application which is being used by more than a billion users across the world. This certainly makes it prone to attract hackers and frauds as well.

In recent experiences, several users complained of receiving KBC-related scam messages on their WhatsApp number, which is considered another phishing scam, run by the scammers.

The new fraud makers have used WhatsApp and started to share a message with the users, stating- ‘over 1,32,000 workers are needed in the UK’.


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