‘We are keen to read the mood of the people’: Yashwanth Sinha

SRINAGAR: Former BJP stalwart Yashwant Sinha Monday said that they are keen to read the mood of the people in Kashmir.

Sinha led delegation of Concerned Citizens’ Group (CCG) arrived in Kashmir Valley on Monday morning.

When asked why the delegation is in Kashmir and what is their agenda, the former Indian Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha told news agency Kashmir News Trust that he is in Kashmir to assess the ground situation.

“I have visited this place a number of times and this time we are here to gauge the mood of the people. We want to know what people of Kashmir think and feel,” Sinha said.

He said a lot of people including some politicians have shown their willingness to meet the delegation. “Tomorrow we will meet a cross section of society. We will be in Kashmir for three days,” Sinha said.

Pertinently, a team of Delimitation Commission is scheduled to visit Kashmir and Jammu tomorrow. (KNT)

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