The Perspective of my country, my media

Nowadays Indian media is fully engaged in highlighting the issue of COVID -19 and all the acts which are being performed in milieu of it like playing utensils, candle burning etc, if we will think logically on these acts we come to know that all these practices are stark of time and media always focuses on such mischief and burning issues.

No doubt media had to aware public about all these issues and happenings but media had to go for peaceful and positive exclusives equally. Whole world is searching for the rays of happiness as current ongoing pandemic had terrorized the whole world. Instead of highlighting all the ignited issues such as Pollution, COVID -19, Rapes and Murders Indian media should go for the positive perspective of happenings.

There are numerous favorable changes and occurrences happening around us like Healing of Ozone layer, Rape and Murder control, Road Accident controls, pollution control in the metropolitan and mega cities Especially in New Delhi which was burning issue for the media and political parties and many more, but Indian media does not reflect such facts and tidings.

Indian media always need burning and ablaze issues to rise and illuminate. It logically means that if there are no such burning and combusting issues at all, Indian media would lack stories and will produce junk and pseudo information. Going through the same logic we can say that the Indian media is in existence only when there are fiery issues and happenings in the country else if country maintained peace and prosperity the media will come to an end as there will be no burning matter of any issue.

The main functions of media are: (1) Surveillance (on both happenings positive as well as negative) (2) Correlation (3) Cultural transmission and (4) Entertainment, but if Indian media brings anything under Surveillance it would be either burning or with turmoil.

If we will talk about correlation, Indian media occasionally correlate the two things or more. Indian media hardly seems to reflect such events and items in which Cultural and Heritageous transmission is expressed and explored.

One more feature of media as written above is Entertainment but Indian media expresses its obverse as the News, Programs, Debates, Current affairs etc. are less positive and harmonious whether the conflict will be among communities or between two different sects.

It have to fulfill its role in many ways like it have to make people aware about their rights but Indian media rarely plays its role well. It is helpful and important tool for the society since it is one of the fastest and efficient way to receive information on various subjects, most importantly current affairs but unfortunately Indian media imitate the current affairs only when the affairs are combusting and rioted.

Current affair can be positive and good feeling for the spectator but its lesser highlighted by Indian media. The impact of media is very significant as it helps in building of public opinion and stoke collective consciousness.

Government of India should look over the matter as it is a serious problem. It is said that there are only two arms of any country who provide instant help to public on ground level those are (1) Police and (2) Media. These two fields should pose quit transparent and honest behavior in order to deal public better. Now if the media is proved defaulted it means it is an oppression to the people of that particular country.

Government of India should frame a team who will examine and crosscheck the activities of media. This will enhance the stability of a nation as well as stability of a media person who so ever is concerned with media or mass communication. It will bring cooperation among all the communities and sects of a country.

There are numerous Good things happening around the country .lets share and publish more and more good & peaceful happenings around the country.

Siraj ud Din Salam

The author is Social & RTI Activist & can be reached at:-

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