Security standoff involving Chinese delegation G20 at Delhi hotel raises concerns

New Delhi, Sep 13: A tense hours-long standoff unfolded at the prestigious Taj Palace five-star hotel in Delhi last week, as security personnel confronted a suspicious situation involving members of the Chinese delegation attending the G20 Summit.

The ordeal began when the hotel’s vigilant security team observed a member of the Chinese delegation carrying a bag with “unusual dimensions”.

Despite their reservations, the security team adhered to diplomatic protocols and allowed the bags to enter the hotel.

The situation took a concerning turn when a hotel employee, while attending to one of the delegation’s rooms, spotted what they described as “suspicious equipment” concealed within two bags.

Alarmed by this discovery, the hotel’s security department was promptly informed.

 Officials from the Taj Palace Hotel, following standard security procedures, requested the Chinese delegation members to submit their bags for a routine scan.

However, sources indicate that the delegation members vehemently resisted this request, leading to a prolonged standoff.

Sources close to the situation reported that the impasse lasted for approximately 12 hours, with the Chinese officials refusing to allow their bags to be subjected to scanning procedures.

During this time, the hotel’s security team maintained a vigilant watch outside the delegation’s room.

Ultimately, a resolution was reached when the Chinese delegation agreed to send the bags in question to their embassy.

While the exact nature of the “suspicious equipment” remains undisclosed, the incident highlights the delicate balance of security concerns and diplomatic protocols that arise during high-profile international events like the G20 Summit.

The incident has raised questions about security measures in place for such gatherings and the necessity for maintaining vigilance even when diplomatic relations are at the forefront.

It also serves as a reminder of the critical role that security teams play in safeguarding the safety and integrity of international events.

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