Professionals From Different Fields Volunteering Beyond Qualifications Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

SRINAGAR: The pandemic is a massive humanitarian crisis requiring all hands on the deck. So, professionals from various fields are chipping in with volunteering efforts, sometimes in ways far removed from their workaday lives.

Cyber Security Researcher ferries patients

Peer Tehleel Manzoor has been continuously arranging ambulance and other medical aid to the patients. Besides he also ferries people to hospital for free and has rarely had a moment of rest.

Tehleel said, his phone rings incessantly and he receive many calls, WhatsApp messages, SMS etc to enquirie about the availability of hospital bed, in Srinagar, Delhi or elsewhere, for critical Covid patient role or of Remdesivir medicine, the much sought after Covid drug that’s reportedly in short circuit supply with the virus spreading across country like wildfire.

There are also solicitation aplenty for oxygen cylinders and blood plasma of masses who have recovered from Covid over the past twelve months.

With infirmary and medical stores run play out of Remdesivir line of descent, Peer Tehleel concedes that it has been difficult to source the drug.

“Remdesivir is in very short supply but we are constantly in touch with various sellers,” said Tehleel, adding “Our volunteers have also been portion people with registering for the Covid vaccination drive.”

“A lot of people, particularly in the rural area , do not know how to go about registering for the Covid vaccine. Some are uneducated or don’t know how to go about the enrolment physical cognitive operation even though they are eligible for the thrusting. Our volunteers help them out with the process for filling out the registration and in some showcase where the people do not have the means for going to a vaccination centre, we also ensure that they can be taken from their homes for the jab and then brought back,” Peer Tehleel said.

Kashmiri pandit chef and his team from Delhi sends Medical aid to tackle COVID-19

A Kashmiri pandit Sanjay Raina and a Kashmiri muslim have come together to help people afflicted with Covid-19 in Delhi-NCR.

Delhi-based food entrepreneur Sanjay Raina and 19-year-old journalism student Adnan Shah from J&K together run @PlasmaNCR handle on Twitter where people put out requests for plasma and the handle amplifies them till a match is found.

In a humanitarian gesture in these testing times, Sanjay Raina and his team sends eedical aid to Kashmir to be used in its fight against a runaway second COVID-19 wave.

Sanjay Raina along with other team members Adnan Shah and Sajad Wani are focussung on Kashmir, and have already started with Kupwara and Handwara.

Sanjay Raina and other team members from Delhi are sending various medical aid to Kashmir which includes masks, sanitizers, cylinders and oxygen concentrators etc. Sajad Wani handling everthing. We have already sent masks, shields, steamers, oximeters, PPE kits, flowmeters, regulators and concentrators and cylinders.

However we are creating our broader team starting from Sajad Wani who is currenly working on ground level in Kupwara and will slowly move towards every district, said Founder of PlasmaNCR Sanjay Raina.

Indian architect women tagged In thousands of SOS calls

Seetu Kohli is an Indian architect known for creating interior designs and representing luxury brands of furniture in India and Qatar. She is the founder and CEO of Seetu Kohli Home, an Indian-based furniture company.

The second wave of Covid ripping through the country, Seetu Kohli is the women every second person on Twitter is tagging right now for help.

At a time when India is facing severe health crisis in the form of a second wave of COVID-19 infections, those in need are turning to social media to find resources–including hospital beds, oxygen and other essential medical aid. Volunteer groups, NGOs are often being preferred over government helplines in distress.

But every second person seeking help is tagging this women, it’s Seetu Kohli who is leading the exemplary service to people across the country, amid the mayhem caused by an alarming surge in COVID-19 cases.

Seetu Kohli is being tagged in every cry for help on Twitter and other platforms. She has been monitoring social media, where requests have been pouring in from relatives and friends of patients – all in desperate search for oxygen, hospital beds, Remdesivir and blood plasma for their loved ones battling COVID-19.

Volunteer #SOSJK: Online initiative for COVID-19 patients

The second wave of Covid-19 has paralyzed the health infrastructure in India, with patients and their attendants crying loud for help.

However, volunteers across the country have become active on social media platforms to help the patients in dire need of oxygen cylinders, beds and medicine.

These volunteers are active on Twitter, Facebook and Whats app to amplify the SOS messages and connect patients with NGO’s, vendors, donors for relevant help.

Mohit Bhan who was part of this intuitive from its inception told News Agency Kashmir Dot Com that the idea stuck with few friends after he got a distress call from an attendant of a patient from Jammu and by spreading the SOS on social media which got the desired help.

He said that the volunteers are helping Covid patients who’s attendants are raising SOS calls for oxygen, medicine, hospital beds for Covid-19 , chemists, testing by amplying and connecting them to relevant sources thus closing the SOS generated.

“On the same day, I got a call from a needy attendant. I discussed it with few friends and they agreed to it till it expanded to a big group of volunteers,” he said.

Social media is playing a crucial role in connecting critically ill people with the resources that aim to provide humanitarian aid to poor & needy in this catastrophic pandemic, Mohit said.

Journalism student save lives across NCR

Adnan Shah an aspiring Kashmiri Muslim journalist is saving thousands of lives by arranging plasma for Covid affected patients across the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR).

Days after the country was hit by a severe second wave of the coronavirus, a social service initiative, “Plasma NCR”, was started to help people get plasma for their near and dear ones.

The initiative is spearheaded by Sanjay Raina, a Kashmiri Pandit Chef from Srinagar who is based in Delhi, and Adnan Shah, a Kashmiri Muslim who hails from Kupwara and studies journalism in Delhi.

Managing the whole show on Twitter (@PlasmaNCR), the duo told that one of the reasons to start the initiative was that “when the second wave hit the country and people came out to seek help, it was more about Oxygen, beds and ventilators, and less about Plasma. Although people needed plasma but it wasn’t quite visible on social media, so we started this helpline to facilitate Plasma requests”.

In a message to the people of the country, the duo said: “This is the time to come forward and help as many people as you can. If you can, tell us and donate plasma, we will arrange the transport for you, which we are currently doing for so many of our generous and kind donors.”

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