Pressure from US won’t alter ties with China: Pak PM Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan PM Imran Khan said on Tuesday that his country was under pressure from the US and Western powers over its close ties with China as he vowed to never buckle under that pressure.

Pakistan and China enjoy a “very special relationship” spanning over 70 years and nothing could change these time-tested ties, Khan said in an interview with English-language state-broadcaster China Global Television Network, an excerpt of which was shared on his Instagram account.

Talking about the evolving regional rivalry between the US and China, he said that “Pakistan thinks it is very unfair for the US or other powers – western power” to pressurise “countries like us to take sides” in a conflict with China.

“Why should we take sides? We should have good relations with everyone. It is not going to happen if pressure is put on Pakistan to change its relationship or downgrade its relationship with China, it wouldn’t happen,” Khan said.

Emphasising the deep relationship with China, Khan said that Pakistan would never bend under any kind of pressure.

“Whatever will happen, our relationship between the two countries – no matter what pressure is put on us – is not going to change,” he said.

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