Police offer Rs 5 lakh reward for clues in ex-SSP’s killing

Baramulla, Dec 29: The Police have announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh for the individual providing crucial information regarding the killing of former Senior…

Baramulla, Dec 29: The Police have announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh for the individual providing crucial information regarding the killing of former Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Muhammad Shafi Mir in the Gantmulla area of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district.

The move has been taken to expedite the investigation into the incident, which occurred six days ago on December 24, leaving the community in shock.

The Police have pasted posters throughout the Gantmulla locality, urging residents to come forward with any leads or details related to the incident.

The announcement comes as part of the Police Department’s efforts to encourage community cooperation in solving this high-profile case.

“It is to inform everyone that anyone who will share any information or leads about the killing of former SSP on December 24 morning by some unidentified person, will be rewarded with Rs 5 lakhs,” reads a poster issued by Police.

However, the Police have assured the locals that the identity of the individual, who would share the information, would not be revealed at any cost.

The Police have shared the phone numbers informing the locals to contact the numbers to share the details about the case.

Soon after the incident on December 24, the J&K Police said that the former SSP was killed by terrorists. However, hours later, the top Police officials said that the preliminary information was that of a terrorist attack but the weapon used to kill the retired officer suggested other angles which were being investigated as well.

The official said that they were investigating the incident from all possible angles.

“Not only rivalry but we are investigating other angles as well,” the official said.

The retired SSP was shot dead from a point-blank range with a 12-bore rifle and pellets were recovered from the scene of the crime.

Police had seized around 37 12-bore rifles to ascertain the use of the pellet gun in the attack which led to the killing of the former SSP.

The official said that the 12-bore rifles, which the villagers had, were collected by the Police and sent to District Police Lines (DPL) Baramulla.

“These rifles were checked by the special arms ammunition technical team and during the inspection of the rifles it was established which of the rifles was used in the attack,” the official said.

He said that during the last five days, Police detained several persons randomly for questioning and released them on the same day.

“Besides seizing the rifles, the licenses of rifle holders were also collected,” the official said.

However, the top official said that the investigating team had several leads of the incident but further investigations would continue.

“Any leads received about the incident will help the Police to resolve the case. The team investigating the incident has some important clues but it is premature to reveal them at this point. The identification of the rifle, used in the attack, has given certain leads. But everything will be made public after investigations are completed,” the official said.

Retired SSP was hit from the back in the left scapular region due to which his left lung and vasculature of heart were damaged.

“This led to massive internal bleeding and ultimately resulted in his death,” the health official said.

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