Newsclick Exposes Republic TV: Youtube Strikes

New Delhi: Newsclick has received a Youtube copyright strike on July 11, 2018. The video sharing platform received the takedown notice from Republic TV, a well-known media enterprise. The video they took down was of Bhasha Singh, a senior journalist, talking about the current state of affairs in the big media houses.

Singh takes Republic TV as an example and discusses what reporting has been reduced to nowadays. In the video, she extensively talks about how the channel ran a show on July 4 based on a forged letter. The media house had accused renowned human rights activists and political leaders of being anti-national and plotting to assassinate PM Modi during the show.

Newsclick’s show with Singh showed a 30-second clip of Republic TV making these baseless accusations.

This incident raises questions on the concept of the ‘free media’. How the common public is supposed to know the falsehoods of a wide reaching media house when those exposing it are censored? What is Republic TV afraid of? If they stand by the legitimacy of their story and accusations, there is no reason why an informative video needs to be taken down.

Courtesy : NewsClick

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