‘Love jihad’ drama ends after Moradabad woman has abortion

Moradabad (UP): The 22-year-old woman from Moradabad, who was sent off to a shelter home after her husband was arrested under the new ‘love jihad’ law, has suffered a miscarriage, according to the ultrasound examination conducted by a private lab.

Earlier this month, the police in Moradabad had arrested a man and his brother under the new anti-conversion law.

The man, identified as Rashid, was at the registrar’s office in Kanth when he was handed over to the police by members of the fringe outfit Bajrang Dal.

Rashid and his brother were released on Saturday following an order by an Uttar Pradesh court as the police could not find evidence to support the allegations that the woman was forcibly converted.

Rashid had married the 22-year-old Pinky, from Bijnor in Dehradun, about five months ago. The two met in Dehradun where Rashid was working and the girl was studying.

After Rashid’s arrest, Pinky was sent to a shelter home where she alleged that she had suffered a miscarriage due to medical negligence. She also said that she was tortured at the Nari Niketan.

The ultrasound report said that Pinky had a miscarriage and added that there is an infection in her uterus, which should be treated to avoid further complications.

Pinky had alleged that the staff at the protection home ignored her worsening condition and took her to a hospital, where an injection by a doctor caused her miscarriage. The charges were vehemently denied by the hospital.

Chief Medical Superintendent (CMS) of the Moradabad district hospital, Dr. Nirmala Pathak, said, “The reports provided by ultrasonologist Dr. R.P. Mishra clearly said the foetus was visible but the heartbeat was not there.”

He further said “We were doubtful about the baby when the first ultrasound was performed. The heartbeat was not found. For the second test, we used a Doppler ultrasound but the heartbeat could not be found then either. For confirmation, I had asked for a transvaginal scan because sometimes there are chances that the baby survives.”

Meanwhile, after being in jail for 13 days, Rashid and his brother were released on Saturday following an order by Uttar Pradesh court.

Pinky has also been allowed to return to her in-laws’ house.

The Kanth police had submitted a report that it could not find evidence of the case after Pinky denied the allegations of forceful conversion by Rashid and his brother Salim. (IANS)

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