Kashmiri youth shows way forward, becomes an inspiration for others

Fazil Qureshi

Delhi, June 18: For over three decades, much talk about the rise in the number of youth in Kashmir has been seen. But the contours of a youth in taking innovative and peace initiatives or the presence of youth leaders hadn’t emerged.

In recent months, however, these facts appear to be changing. To take one instance, Tariq Bhat has emerged as a youth leader. Bhat, of course, was relatively unknown even in Srinagar until he took charge of the positive narrative of Kashmir.

Earlier, he launched mobile radio android app to spread the love and communal harmony in Kashmir. in 2016, when the entire Kashmir was burning after the killing of Hizb leader Burhan Wani, Bhat was busy in making mobile android television which later became one of the most watched and favorite news channel in Kashmir.

 Bhat lost his father when he was class 12 student. still, he took the responsibility of family being the only male member in family after demise of his father. he continued his studies and also started part time job in local cable Tv channels as news caster. He became one of the leading and, trusted and integrated commentator, debater and news caster in Kashmir within shortest span of time. Within first year of his career in media, he was elevated as executive editor in one of the local channels.

Bhat later resigned from the post, citing reasons that “local cable Tv channels were promoting a particular section of people and “not doing good service to nation.”

His efforts for launching android mobile radio and Tv were lauded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Mann Ki Baat.

Bhat is also a chairman of trust—- South Asia Peace Movement, having more than ten thousand members, mostly Kashmiri youth.

Under the banner of South Asia peace Movement, Bhat engages youth from various districts in interactions, debates, seminars and also organizes various felicitation events to encourage youth who have outstanding performance in their respective fields.

His efforts are being lauded by locals and people from across their globe.

Despite having limited resources, Bhat is also providing employment to needy and educated youth of Kashmir.

Social networking users hail his efforts, Krishna Murthy a social Facebook user writes: “This man (Bhat) should be given financial aid to generate job opps in the valley, the Farooq and Omar(s) VVIP sec shd be taken off instead. (why waste tax payer money on separatists?) (sic).”

Another user DrVenkateswara Rao Korasiga from Hyderabad writes, “At least one sensible Kashmiri so far I have seen.”

Similarly, Himanshu Bansal from Yamunanagar, writes, “This guy seems to talk some sense. He is stopping the youth from getting radicalized in the name of Islam. The path on which some youth has started will only take them to their destruction.”

More and more youth are joining him in his efforts as he is always there to use his good offices to redress the grievances of common  people, especially Kashmiri youth.

“I am disappointed that state government is never serious to help those who want to work. In fact, they discourage youth like me in various ways. I have pinned hope on government of India and let me see what my hopes would turn into,” Bhat told Hindustan Age.

Professor Adil Ahmad at Kashmir University said that such youth need to be encouraged. “If we as a state fail to encourage youth like Bhat, we have no right to counsel those whom we want be get inspired by Bhat,” he added.



Sandeep Mula · 

Works at None
The only permanent solutiion 2 kashmir problem would be either Re-Conversion of Kashmir’s entire populace back 2 Kashmir Shaivism or Allowing ppl from Rest of India 2 flood nd take control of d state with their businesses making ethnic Kashmiris a minority nd Pandits being a protected grp…The former is almost impossible,only when Shankaracharya is reborn d valley can be reconverted…The other thing is certainly possible,remove Article 370 and make rest of Indians(mainly Sikhs) majority in d valley…We make sure how they’ll claim AZAADI or Islamic Caliphate..
Col Khan

You are a fearless journalist. Every news reaches within seconds
Kindly apply for police protection with the UK Govt
You deserve every praise for your honousty and sending the msg to the youth of.the valley to join the main stream and give their contribution to the.country for making Digital India
Stay blessed
Birendra Bahadur · 

Good & Bravo.
Himanshu Bansal · 

This guy seems to talk some sense.He is stoping the youth from getting radicalised in the name of islam. The path on which some youth has started will only take them to their destruction.
Koduvayur Raghuram · 

Kashmiri Youth, especially students must no fall prey to jihadists designs by becoming separtatists or anti-nationals, this suits only Pakistan. The Centre is doing its best for the empowerment and employment of students and the youth of Kashmir valley, which must be grabbed by them, this will be Big Slap on the face of Pakistan, secessionists and separatist elements operating in J&K.
Nitin Jadhav · 

He is true Kashmiri man!! Some self-declared leaders in name of Islam provoked people, And their own family members & son learning abroad or in good education centre of Indian state. Why not separatist leaders/his son not taking part of Stone pelting??
Kashmir people have to understand what is right and what is wrong thing for them!! Kashmir has more autonomy than any other state of India..! Kashmir can develop in Tourism & rich Culture, Handloom sector.
Bob Kristo

Quite right.
DrVenkateswara Rao Korasiga · 

At least one sensible Kashmiri so far I have seen
Bob Kristo

He speaks the truth! Practical and pragmatic.
Shubham Setu · 

the man should be given protection since his life could be in danger for taking a pro development and pro india stand
Krishna Murthy

this man should be given financial aid to generate job opps in the valley, the Farooq and Omar(s) VVIP sec shd be taken off instead. (why waste tax payer money on separatists? )
Pratyush Biswas

Kashmir problem is a Problem every country with concentration of Islam in a single location faces… Muslims always demand a seperate country. hapened in Russia, China, Myanmar, India even hapening in Europe, Australia and Philippines… There is no Political solution to Islam. Each state has just to make it clear that the land they have gathered on is not theirs and they may chose to integrate or move on. India has made the mistake of giving land to muslims once but not any more… Kashmiris might just realize by themselves that there is no seperate islamic country for them now or they will be made to realize this later….

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