Govt imposed curfew, ban protests as Balochistan people stand up for their rights in Pakistan


Mudasir Yaqoob   

Srinagar, Dec 31: The civil revolt by public in Pakistan’s province Balochistan resulted in imposition of curfew after one policeman was killed in clashes.

The government has also banned protests and prohibited assembly of more than four persons for the period of one month.

“The people of Balochistan have awake and are fighting for their rights. Government is using excessive and arbitrary force to suppress our voices,” said a group of protestors.   

Protests have been banned and curfew imposed in the port city of Gwadar after a policeman was killed in clashes with protestors.

The public uprising against government are going on for two months now which intensified last week.

The call for protests was given by Haq Do Tehreek (HDT) a cleric Maulana Hidaytur Rehman against illegal fishing by trawlers at the cost of local fishermen who have been dependent on the fish trade for generations for their livelihood.

The protests turned violent after Police use excessive force and used indiscriminate force against protestors including women and children.

Reports said that during clashes between protestors and Police, a constable Yasir Ahmad was shot in the neck after violence erupted during the protest at the Hashmi Chowk, resulting in on spot death of the cop.

Protestors said that draconian laws are invoked and innocent people are booked, sent to jails for asking their rights.

“We will not budge to any pressure and will continue to fight for our birth rights,” they added.   

“Sit-ins and any other public gathering of over five people have been prohibited under Section 144. It also banned the display of all sorts of weapons,” Balochistan’s home ministry said in a statement.

The HDT is a popular voice of people in Gwadar as its demands including ending illegal fishing in Gwadar’s water has a massive public support.

Its other demands include ending some security checkpoints and opening up of trade on the Pak-Iran border have also resonated with the locals.

The coastal towns near Gwadar including Pasni, Jewani, and Ormara witnessed also massive protests against government in support of HDT.

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