Escalation in PoK: Pakistani Rangers’ Fire on Protesters Leads to Civilian Casualties

Pakistan Rangers open fire on PoK protesters, 4 civilians killed


Tariq Bhat

The situation in PoK has escalated following the Pakistani Rangers’ firing on protesters in Muzaffarabad. The incident resulted in the death of four civilians. The protests were part of a non-cooperation movement that began a year ago in response to rising flour prices and electricity bills. The movement turned violent after the arrest of protest leaders, leading to the tragic confrontation.






In a tragic escalation of ongoing tensions in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), Pakistani Rangers opened fire on protesters in Muzaffarabad, resulting in the death of four civilians. The incident marks a severe turn in the year-long non-cooperation movement sparked by rising flour prices and electricity bills.

The non-cooperation movement, which began as a peaceful protest against economic hardships, has been met with increasing resistance from authorities. The recent crackdown saw the arrest of key protest leaders, igniting widespread outrage and leading to a violent confrontation.

Eyewitness accounts detail a chaotic scene as security forces clashed with demonstrators. The Pakistani Rangers, a paramilitary force, were deployed to disperse the crowd, which led to the use of live ammunition and the ensuing fatalities.

The protests have highlighted the region’s growing discontent with the administration’s handling of economic policies and resource allocation. Activists have called for a fair distribution of resources and transparency in governance.

The deaths have intensified calls for intervention and a reevaluation of the political strategy in PoK. As the situation remains volatile, the international community watches closely, and local leaders urge for calm and a return to dialogue.


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