Enforcement Drive Against Traffic Violators and Overcharging of Tourist Vehicles in Gulmarg

Rafiq Bhat

Srinagar, July 01 : In a concerted effort to promote safer road practices and reduce traffic violations, the CEO of Gulmarg, along with a joint team comprising the Motor Vehicle Department, Municipality, and Police, launched an enforcement drive today. The initiative aims to curb traffic jams, address wrong parking issues, ensure the free flow of traffic, and prevent the overcharging of tourist vehicles.

The enforcement drive sought to foster active engagement from the community, including pedestrians, tourists, and public transport users, in promoting a culture of responsibility and adherence to traffic laws.

During the drive, the team checked hundreds of vehicles and imposed fines amounting to Rs 95,000 on numerous offenders for various violations:


Without Helmet: 2

Without Seat Belt: 8

Dangerous Driving: 2

Using Mobile While Driving: 4

Wrong Parking: 6

Obstruction in Traffic Flow: 5

Breach of Permit Condition (School Vehicles): 11

Additionally, five vehicles were found overcharging tourists by using private vehicles and were seized under Section 129 by the Gulmarg Police

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