Emergency Imposed In POK, Huge Protests And Clashes:Fact Check

Tariq Bhat

During a press conference, Prime Minister of POK , Chaudhry Anwar-ul-Haq, acceded to the demands of the Election Committee. Subsequently, following announcements regarding reductions in the prices of flour and electricity, there were exceptional movements by the Rangers in Muzaffarabad. Tragically, several incidents resulted in the loss of life, with a young man falling victim to gunfire and numerous others sustaining injuries.




Protesters also set ablaze vehicles belonging to security forces. In response, security forces were swiftly transported via helicopters from the capital to Muzaffarabad. Details reveal that on Monday, under the leadership of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, a high-level meeting in Islamabad ratified all demands put forth by the Public Action Committee. A substantial grant of **23 billion rupees** was sanctioned to meet the Committee’s requirements. Subsequently, Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir, Chaudhry Anwar-ul-Haq, declared in a press conference that all demands of the Public Action Committee had been met.


In Pakistan-administered Kashmir, an urgent situation has arisen in Muzaffarabad.





Notifications regarding a significant reduction in the prices of flour and electricity were disseminated to the media. The atmosphere at the government house remains tense as the latest developments unfold, with even participants of the Long March expressing apprehension.




Furthermore, in Pakistan, an educational crisis has been proclaimed for the ensuing four years, with the educational budget aimed at escalating from **0.5%** to **5%**. It is estimated that over **2.6 million children** are deprived of education. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif underscored the significance of this educational crisis, emphasizing the imperative to address the predicament and ensure children receive quality education. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan echoed the necessity of innovative solutions to overcome challenging times. However, it is pivotal to acknowledge that education transcends mere academic achievements; it encompasses values, ethics, and cultural understanding, enabling individuals to navigate societal norms and responsibilities. Education is not solely about examination results; it encompasses comprehensive development and character cultivation. Let us remain optimistic that this educational crisis will engender positive transformations in Pakistan’s educational landscape.





heavy rainfall in Islamabad and Rawalpindi prompted the declaration of a rain emergency. The situation remains precarious, with unfolding updates

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