Drastic rise of molestation in Kashmir a big question in finding solution ? Aga Syed Karar Hashmi  

Expressing serious concern over dramatic rise of molestation cases in Kashmir Socio-Political activist Aga Syed Karar Hashmi said that Every woman, travelling in buses, has a sad story to narrate.
Women commuters in Kashmir have begun to break their silence about facing harassment in public transport on daily basis is heart rendering and a clear cut message to understand our level of standard. We all  have major responsibilities to find ways in overcome such cycloon of satanism.
Social Activist Karar Hashmi said in a press statement that hundreds of reports about toucherism on every day in different parts of Jammu and Kashmir demands an umbrella campaign to be launch against such heinous crime with an aim to provide women a kind of support to fight against.
Women both young and old have been suffering silently due to the menace of ‘Ecotourism’, wherein a person derives sexual pleasure from touching and here role of Police is paramount to come up with new tactics to deal with such burning menace in Kashmir.  The Jammu and Kashmir police should maintain list of molesters across Kashmir and special moral and ethical classes be organised for them to change their behavior. Karar Hashmi added
The fear of molestation among college going girls in public transport someone trying to touch or rub himself against their body is dramatically on increase and a threat for women safety in valley. The annual report released by the Crime Branch of police shows that since 2014 there has been a drastic rise in cases of rape and molestation in J&K and thousands of such cases have been reported as well.The traffic police must be in action in implementing traffic laws by letter and Spirit  and use other strategies to stop overloading as the overcrowded buses are becoming a safe haven for predators to harass women.
Socio-Political activist from Central Kashmir Ganderbal have suggested women to  Keep a safety pin to poke molesters or a swiss knife for these ill situations.
 Hashmi requested honorable governor and administration to look into the matter and take necessary action against burning social menace molestation and harassment of women across Kashmir.

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