DGP’s Public Redressal Grievance Program give sleepless nights to fraudsters

Duped from years, 3 fresh victims of Srinagar received their money back within days
Srinagar, Jan 18 : Since Director General of Police (DGP) RR Swain has taken charge and started holding Public Redressal Grievance Programs to hear people’s grievances and resolve them within the shortest period of time; the initiative has given sleepless nights to fraudulent persons across Jammu & Kashmir. 
The initiative has proved a measure of relief for commoners who were not having any influence and were suffering their lives in a miserable condition.
Notably it has been less than two months since Director General of Police (DGP) J&K RR Swain is holding public meeting both in Jammu and Kashmir regions separately. Since the meetings took place several individuals have heaved a sigh of relief as their long pending issues were resolved within days.
Many individuals who are duped by fraudulent persons in pretext of job or other reservations have received their money back after they approached DGP office for intervention. 
Kashmir News Service (KNS) has learnt that three families from Srinagar district have got justice after a long spell of time who were duped by dishonest persons of the society who had taken their huge amount of money after assuring the victims they will be provided jobs or other financial benefits. Soon after DGP started to hear people’s complaint, the three victims of the Srinagar district too approached J&K Police for early resolution of their matters.
The impact of DGP’s public interaction program has frustrated many fraudulent persons who have started to return money to their genuine owners.
The fresh three families have simply asked the fraudulent persons that they will approach Director General of Police (DGP) for resolution of their issues if they won’t pay their amount back. The fraudulent persons while sensing the behavior have instantly returned their money without any further delay, just to save themselves from legal action. 
A women (name withheld) from Hanjibug Magam village of central Kashmir’s Budgam district as per reports was duped by a travel agent of Kupwara in pretext of giving discount rate tickets but when I demanded air ticket he played dilly dallying tactics and duped me.
Another women (name withheld) of Bemina Srinagar had also gave a money to a person for providing employment at Srinagar International Airport. “Neither I was given employment nor the person returned my money back,” she told KNS.
A man from Shalteng locality of Srinagar district had sold bricks to a government servant who had digested his two lakh rupees while misusing his official position. 
The trio approached the respective individuals and clarified them if they do not return their money they will file a complaint at DGP Office Srinagar and will seek legal action in the matter.
All three victims received their money back without any further delay after fraudulent persons heard about DGP’s Public Grievance Redressal Program.
The victims while speaking to KNS expressed gratitude to Director General of Police (DGP) RR Swain for organizing such programs for the betterment of people.
“This initiative has brought hope for many who were duped by dishonest person of the society. We are highly thankful to DGP sahib for listening those voices who had gone unheard in past,” the trio said. (KNS) 

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