Congress Councillor Castigates Srinagar For Using ‘Unparliamentary Language’ Against Govt Officials

SRINAGAR: Congress Councillor Nakul Matoo castigated Srinagar Mayor and his supporters for using unparliamentary language for senior government officers.

Pertinently, Srinagar Mayor and his supporters are up in arms against administration for appointing Ghulam Hassan Mir and Joint Commissioner Planning.

Nakul Matoo said that there can be difference of opinion with the administration but this kind of show is unbecoming.

“You can register a protest in a decent way, not the way Srinagar Mayor is registering. Calling names and making mockery of the government will only widen the gap between people and the government,” Nakul in a statement to Kashmir News Trust said.

He also applauded the decision of the government to appoint Arun Mehta as Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir. Terming Arun Mehta as People’s officer, Nakul said this depicts the government is getting the most efficient and honest officers to run the affairs. (KNT)

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