Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction: KU brings together 17 youth delegates from G-20 countries


Experts suggest innovative ideas for farmers amid climate change challenges; KU students take part in brainstorming session


Srinagar, May 11  : The University of Kashmir Thursday set the stage for an extraordinary convergence of international and local youth by hosting a ground-breaking climate symposium under India’s G20 Presidency.

With the theme “Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction: Making Sustainability a Way of Life,” the event, as per news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO),  brought together an illustrious cohort of 17 youth delegates from G20 countries, alongside a multitude of students from various educational institutions.

Over the course of two days, the University of Kashmir became a melting pot of diverse perspectives, fostering a rich exchange of ideas on combatting climate change.

In addition to the esteemed international delegates from Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the United States, Brazil, and Nigeria, the symposium witnessed the enthusiastic participation of 108 students from the university itself, 34 students from schools across Jammu and Kashmir, 57 students from colleges in Srinagar, and 11 representatives from colleges and universities in Jammu.

The event also saw the active involvement of 33 delegates from the Department of Youth Affairs (DoYA), 25 Y20 Secretariat delegates, and 25 dynamic student activists.

Dr. Robert Pal (Montana Technological University, USA) highlighted that climate change is impacting biodiversity in multiple ways. He stressed the importance of devising ecological restoration strategies based on multiple species, rather than monoculture plantations.

Dr Ruchhit RD (National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, India) talked about the increasing incidence of extreme rainfall events seen in the Indian Monsoon. He called for awareness among farmers, particularly reorienting the sowing season as per changing climatic patterns.

Dr Wazida Rahman (Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab, India) stressed on the concept of environmental justice, which is akin to climate justice pitched by India vociferously during recent negotiations at multilateral forums.

Throughout the symposium, foreign dignitaries and local students engaged in a remarkable display of intellectual prowess and unwavering determination to create a sustainable future. The halls echoed with impassioned debates, as ideas were presented, dissected, and reassembled in an ongoing effort to find innovative solutions.

“Climate change is not just an environmental issue; it is an existential threat to humanity. We, as the youth, bear the responsibility to drive meaningful change and hold global leaders accountable for their actions.” Said a, youth delegate from India.

“By fostering international collaboration, we can pool our resources and knowledge to develop sustainable technologies that will benefit us all. It’s time for global unity in the face of a planetary crisis.” – Sofia, another student from Kashmir University said.

Aisha Another student said: “As Kashmiris, we witness first-hand the impacts of climate change on our land and communities. This symposium empowers us to raise our voices and work together towards a resilient and environmentally conscious future for our region.” William, a student from US stated: “This gathering of diverse minds highlights the urgency of our climate predicament. We must act now to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change and secure a better tomorrow for future generations.”

The symposium at the University of Kashmir not only fostered cross-cultural understanding but also laid the groundwork for ongoing collaboration and joint initiatives. As the event concluded, the participants departed with a renewed sense of purpose and an unwavering commitment to implement sustainable practices within their respective communities.

Meanwhile, a top administrative official said that this gathering marked a turning point in the fight against climate change, as young minds from around the world merged their passion, knowledge, and determination. “It showcased the University of Kashmir’s dedication to facilitating meaningful exchanges and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. By embracing the power of youth and fostering global solidarity, we inch closer to a planet that thrives sustainably for generations to come,” he said—(KNO) 

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