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Candlelight Marches and Peaceful Protests Erupt Across Kashmir Districts in Firm Condemnation of Srinagar Civilian Killings


Srinagar Feb 08: In a powerful display of unity and condemnation, citizens across the districts of Kashmir took to the streets in candlelight marches and peaceful protests following the tragic civilian killings in Srinagar yesterday. From the bustling streets of Bandipora to the serene corners of Hajin and Sumbal, people from diverse backgrounds and walks of life joined hands to express solidarity with the grieving families and to unequivocally denounce the senseless loss of innocent lives.


The demonstrations, marked by solemn candlelight vigils and heartfelt calls for justice, echoed the collective anguish and outrage felt by the community. Participants, bearing banners and placards adorned with messages of peace and solidarity, marched in unison, demanding accountability and an end to the cycle of violence that has plagued the region.


Local leaders and activists, speaking at various gatherings, urged for restraint and emphasized the importance of seeking recourse through peaceful means. They reiterated the necessity of upholding human rights and fostering dialogue as a path towards reconciliation and lasting resolution.


Despite the somber mood that hung over the gatherings, there was an underlying sense of resilience and determination among the protesters. Many expressed their unwavering commitment to seeking justice for the victims and ensuring that such tragedies are never repeated.


As the candlelight marches drew to a close and the echoes of peaceful chants faded into the night, the spirit of unity and resolve remained palpable, serving as a testament to the resilience and unwavering spirit of the Kashmiri people in the face of adversity.

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