“Autumn Art Exhibition” by National Repute Artist Deepa Soni Begins At Srinagar


Exhibition aimed to come up with unique way of clubbing folk art, other latest techniques to inspire younger generation
Srinagar, Nov 25 : Reputed national artist Deepa Soni on Friday said that the young generation is too attracted toward three-dimensional arts in J&K, but the folk art at the same time is being ignored thus promoting them to start 3-day painting exhibition.
The painting exhibition titled Autumn Art Exhibit which was inaugurated at the Arts Emporium near Abdullah Bridge in Srinagar here has been organized by a reputed national artist Deepa Soni.
 she said that such exhibitions will be organized in the future as well in which  people can learn from each other. She also said the exhibition in which different types of paintings wherein oil colours, water colours, fusion, and other paintings were displayed, is aimed at spreading art through different forms.
She also said that through this exhibition they are trying to come up with unique way of clubbing folk art and other latest techniques to inspire the younger generation and keep them intact with the folk art while it will help to take our heritage to next generations.
She also said that any youngster willing to pursue his education in this field should be encouraged as it’s is a creative field at all and  parents should also allow their wards to go ahead with the arts field as instead of wasting time on any other degree. (KNS)

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