Art transcends all barriers: An interview with budding calligrapher samahira Qureshi

Javaid Lone

ANN News, 08 Sep : Anything that is pleasing to the sight instantly becomes appealing and this is the main goal of calligraphy. It deepens the significance of the words. Writing in calligraphy is quite popular. It has become a passion for many artists who have added their own styles and personalities and Samahira Qureshi from Dildar Karnah has emerged as one of them. She received her education from Govt middle school Dildar Karnah.



Talking to ANN News Samahira  said she completed her master’s degree in psychology but pursued her love despite being raised in a traditional household. She’s now the talented calligrapher she always envisioned herself to be.

The chance of calligraphy becoming a perfect craft would be hampered by any room for error, no matter how slight. “Calligraphy demands lengthy hours of serious dedication. I attempt to weave a phrase as simply as I can, she continues. It’s a fantastic challenge that has greatly expanded my thinking. Initially I learned from online classes and the teachers there were very supportive. Besides being a student of psychology I  can now  call myself a calligrapher also and I am really satisfied with both the areas ,” she revealed in a conversation with Ann News.

Samahira added A year ago, she began posting her work on her Instagram account. It was a risk that paid off by assisting her in identifying her artistic worth. She says, “Though it was more of a hobby for me, I have always enjoyed painting. I used to paint in my free time while at home in 2020 during the covid-19 pandemic and then post the results on social media. I was astonished to see how well the public received my artwork. I really got into it at that point.” She provides services in calligraphy and font designing through both her Instagram and Facebook pages. Samahira attributes her inspiration to social media. “I see more and I experiment and this is how I learn”. What started off as a hobby has become a source of income for the artist!


Samahira’s family has supported her throughout her journey to be a calligrapher. “My parents always inspired me to work hard. And, since I write in Arabic, they are happy about it,” Samahira says. “When I introduced my work to them this year, they were quite supportive, especially my siblings. They gave me the drive to engage in my cherished hobby”.

On being asked about the challenges she faces, Samahira Qureshi says, “Coming from a Remote area of Kashmir that too from a pahadi background I face a lot of challenges but my trust in Allah always helps me to overcome them bravely.”

She primarily draws letters by hand, which gives her more freedom to include different styles in a single composition. Most of her clients want her to write their names which she finds basic. She says that she wants to do something extraordinary. However, she says, “Customer satisfaction is my first priority.”

Even though Samahira started off her work as a hobby, it became both a source of income and a path of spiritual guidance for her. For the time being, she wants to fulfil her aspirations of being a valued artist. “Alhumdulilah, my work is going well. I am even getting orders from almost all parts of the valley. I hope this continues in future also” she says.

She said  while talking to ANN News  “Since I can remember, calligraphy has always been my passion. I never stopped learning, even though initially studying a subject like psychology was my major goal. I made a promise to myself to carve out time for creative learning while also maintaining a balance between self-care and my need to learn. Learning never stopped, I am still always learning.” In her message to the budding youth of Kashmir, she says, “My advice is to never stop learning, look for the greatest teachers, and set high standards. You’ll arrive there with dignity, endurance, and patience. (ANN News)





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