ANN News Most Trusted “News Room” In Kashmir, Reveals Survey

Kashmir based TV news channel also tops in IPTV rating  

Srinagar, July 13: Most of the people watch ANN News in Kashmir as viewers marked this media house as most trusted “News Room,” in Kashmir, reveals the survey conducted by a group of mass communication students from Kashmir University.

This group of youth was conducting a survey as which media house in Kashmir is “most trusted” in Kashmir.

The group asked ten questions to people from different walks of life. The question number on serial number six was “Which media house do you trust most in Kashmir?”  Seventy two percent people named the ANN News.

ANN News telecasts everyday news bulletins on 8pm in Kashmiri and 8:30pm in Urdu have been marked as most “trusted medium of news.” The daily special show Aayina (Mirror) —– the analysis of different social and political matters —– have been termed as “agent of impact” as authorities had taken cognizance of various public grievances highlighted in this show and redressed them thereafter shortly.

Similarly, the one-to-one interview show Saath Se Aath Mudasir Yaqoob Ke Saath got sixty four percent among all shows on the channel, with people terming the show as “Unveiling truth from a liar.” This show is telecasted on every Sunday on the channel at 7pm with different personalities including top politicians, bureaucrats and others appear as guests and are asked “most uncomfortable questions” by the anchor of show.

The survey further reveals that online news portals which break the news as it happens, have adversely affected the hardcopy circulation of local newspapers.

ANN News channel has also topped the list and appeared in top first fifty IPTV channels watched most. This was revealed by the survey conducted by America based SEBTU international in its three month survey report.

ANN News

ANN News is the first and only 24*7 Tv News Channel of Kashmir, having its headquarters at Srinagar. ANN News is available on all leading cable Networks, Also Available On JIO Tv , Vodafone,TataPlay , Candor Network, Dailyhunt and other leading Platforms

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