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ANN News Launches ‘Voices of Impact’: A Weekly Platform for Open Discussions on Life, Leadership, and Social Contribution Featuring Bureaucrats, Entrepreneurs, and Activists

Dive into Inspirational Conversations with Bureaucrats, Entrepreneurs, and Activists as They Share Personal Journeys on ANN’s Newest Weekly Programme 

Rafiq Bhat 

Srinagar Feb 03 : ANN News proudly announces the launch of a compelling weekly program titled “Voices of Impact.” This platform offers a unique space for open discussions about life, leadership, and social contributions, providing a 30-minute glimpse into the inspiring journeys of bureaucrats, young entrepreneurs, businessmen, and social activists.

The show, set to debut soon on ANN News TV channel, aims to create an open dialogue where guests can candidly share their life experiences, struggles, and the impact of their efforts on the community. “Voices of Impact” is designed to be a positive and uplifting program, allowing viewers to gain insights into the personal and professional journeys of the featured guests.


With a focus on diverse perspectives, the show will cover a broad spectrum of topics, emphasizing the resilience and dedication of individuals who have made a tangible difference in their respective fields. From bureaucratic leaders shaping policies to young entrepreneurs driving innovation, businessmen contributing to economic growth, and social activists championing meaningful change – “Voices of Impact” will provide a platform for these voices to be heard.


The weekly interviews will delve into the challenges faced by guests, the lessons learned from their experiences, and the positive outcomes of their contributions to society. By showcasing these impactful stories, the program aspires to inspire the public and encourage a sense of empowerment and motivation.


“Voices of Impact” is not just a show; it is a celebration of determination, perseverance, and the transformative power of individuals striving to make a difference. ANN News invites viewers to tune in and be part of this engaging and uplifting journey, where each episode promises to reveal the extraordinary narratives behind the individuals shaping the world around us.

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