108 Ambulance staff help woman give birth in vehicle

Srinagar: The emergency medical staff of 108 ambulance services on Thursday night helped a nomad woman deliver a baby girl in the emergency vehicle at Malshahi Bagh village in Ganderbal. The ambulance staff had to conduct the delivery at around 12am midnight on a hilly terrain.

Sakeena, a 25-year-old nomad woman from a Gujjar settlement in Malshahi Bagh village had acute labour pain on Thursday. The family informed a local ASHA worker and narrated her condition. The ASHA worker immediately called the emergency 108 number.

Irshad Ahmad, emergency medical technician (EMT) of the ambulance, and Rafiq, the driver, rushed to the spot. It turned out that the woman was in labour and there was no time to take her to hospital.

“The child’s head was already visible, so I decided to conduct the emergency delivery myself. I took the help of the driver and some women in the family and successfully conducted the delivery in the ambulance itself,” Irshad told Kashmir Reader.

According to him, 108 Ambulance services of District Hospital Ganderbal received a call from an emergency response centre at 11:25pm related to the pregnancy case.

“I was on duty and responded quickly. I along with the ambulance driver reached the scene at 11:47pm. We quickly shifted the patient inside the ambulance for assessment. She was in the final minutes of delivery. As soon as we shifted her to the vehicle, the baby started crowning which indicated we had no time for taking the woman to hospital,” he said.

“I noted down her vitals and obstetrics history and called our emergency response physician, Dr Sherish, and started conducting the delivery inside the ambulance,” Irshad said.

After she delivered a baby girl in the ambulance, the 108 Ambulance staff shifted her to the government hospital at Kassan village for medical care.

The woman gave birth at 12:02am and was taken to the primary health centre hospital at 12:34am.

The condition of the woman and the infant is said to be stable and they have been discharged from the hospital on Friday afternoon.

“Both mother and child are safe and in good condition,” Irshad said.

According to officials, the woman, who belongs to a nomadic community, is a native of Rajouri district and was camping in Malshahi Bagh village of Ganderbal.

“Our emergency staff did not have enough time to transport the pregnant woman to the hospital. The 108 vehicle had to be stopped near the makeshift house. We had trained professionals who helped the woman deliver the baby. Both the woman and infant are safe,” said Zonal Manager of 108 ambulance services in Kashmir, Mushtaq Ahmad.

“Our Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and driver saved two precious lives,” he said.

The woman’s family has expressed gratitude to the ambulance staff. “Sakeena was going through unbearable pain. We were left in distress but the ambulance staff came as saviours,” said Showkat Ahmad, the woman’s brother.

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