Vaccination In Fields, Horseback Comes Into Question

SRINAGAR: The administration has invited a barrage of criticism over the vaccination of people by health workers in unscientific ways which have won applause on social media but have been censured by the keen health experts.

Recently, the district administration in Pulwama applauded the vaccination of a famous health worker who was seen vaccinating elderly people in farmlands and on horseback.

“Great sense of commitment. Kudos to Team Pulwama,” tweeted District Commissioner Pulwama Baseer Ul Haq Choudhary tagging the LG’s official Twitter handle.

The pictures of a female health worker, who has won hearts for vaccinating around 8000 residents in the district, went viral on social media winning her more applause.

She was seen vaccinating people in farms, while another worker vaccinated a person on horseback.

But what baffled the health experts is the unscientific method of vaccination promoted and applauded by the district Commissioner.

Many netizens also questioned the vaccination method saying that such methods are for “headline grabbing”.

“What if there will be any reaction.. is there any backup arrangement?,” asked Sheikh Babar, a Twitter user.

In response to the question, Dr Gowhar Nabi, Nodal Officer for COVID in Pulwama, tried to wash off the question by tweeting “there is always a back team with all necessary gadgets and medicine to act in time at the site.”

A senior public health expert told news agency Kashmir Dot Com that the administration should not promote unscientific ways of vaccination as it could prove dangerous for the vaccinationed person.

“As per medical advise, a vaccinated person must be kept under medical observation for adverse event following immunization (AEFI),” the expert said.

He said that after vaccination, people experience common side-effects such as pain, light fever, tiredness and for this doctors advise them medicine and home observation.

He said that how can it be possible for a person to be under observation if he is vaccinated while on a paddy field or on horseback.

“Such practice is unscientific and must not be encouraged by the administrators,” he said.

A senior official in the health department said that the unscientific vaccination method was taken note of by the higher ups and they may seek explanation from the concerned district commissioner.

“The health worker who vaccinated the people cannot be questioned as she was asked by the administration to adopt the method. Her intention was right but the way she was asked to practice is ill advised,” he added. (KDC)

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