Trusting Delhi is a solution, raising doubts is a problem

Srinagar, June 19: South Asia Peace Movement Wednesday held a seminar titled “Drug abuse and role of society to prevent it” in Srinagar.

In this seminar, various respectable citizens were invited who spoke o0n the topic at length. Large number of youth also participated in the event and expressed their views and suggestions on the matter.

A group of drug addicts and alleged stone peltors were also invited i the event who pleaded to resume normal life and thanked event organizers for giving them an opportunity to mix with the society and have chance to restore their dignity.

The respectable citizens from various areas of Srinagar impressed upon youth to concentrate on their careers, earn livelihood for families and make their society a peaceful place to live at.

“I am pained to say that some of our youth adopt wrong paths and put their own families in pain and distress. I urge you to make your lives dignified, serve your old aged parents, earn livelihood and help those whom you can. Don’t fall in trap of propaganda. Be wise and no one should be able to  exploit your through emotions or sentiment propaganda,” said Ghulam Nabi while addressing the seminar.

Nabi lauded the efforts of police and said that drug de-addiction centres in Kashmir are playing vital role.

“At the same time, the police have expedite actions under law, arrested several drug peddlers and also booked some infamous drug smugglers under Public safety Act.  In this effort, we all are with police and hail their efforts,” he added.

Similar views were expressed by other respectable citizens.

Chairman South Asia peace Movement Tariq Bhat thanked the respectable citizens for their guidance to youth and seconded the views expressed by speakers for hailing police efforts.

“Drug menace ids one of the top challenges our society face.  We must continue our cooperation to J&K as we have been for eradication of this social evil from our society,” he said.

Bhat, in his speech, disagreed with some of the opinions of youth that drugs are supplied by some government agencies to ruin the careers of Kashmiri youth.

“The policy of Government of India is clear. No youth should be addicted, stone peltor or a terrorist. The rumors that government agencies are promoting drugs among youth in Kashmir are spread by anti nationals in Kashmir. check the records and we have official figures as Police have launched special campaign against drug abuse and arrested hundreds of drug peddlers in 2018-19,” Bhat said.

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