Tangmarg tales: Meet 19-yr-old Sumyla Yaqoob, first calligrapher from Tangmarg

Kirmani Aafaq

Tangmarg: Though depression exhausting, the Covid-19 Pandemic opened new doors for a lot of people, stuck in solitary bring out many talents like Poetry, Calligraphy and Ladishah, particularly in Kashmir.

Sumyla Yaqoob (19), a resident of north Kashmirs Dhobiwan – Kunzar, Currently residing in HMT, pursuing B.Voc in Tourism and hospitality management in Central University, has become first Calligrapher in Gulmarg Constituency.

“This year negative impact on mental health took heavy toll in adults and children,” so i think to do something by which i will overcome from stress, i started sketching and created an account on instagram with name “Shamaa Calligraphy”, through which my calligraphs had reach a decent level of appreciation”, said Sumyla Yaqoob.

Going further in Calligraphy, i started receiving orders from Customers. People deeply admire my art and appreciate it .The Feedback of people boost my confidence to do more hardwork”, she said.

She said that, “the Passion of Calligraphy was not for money purpose, it was just to learn and write verses of Holy Quran as it takes me more closer to Allah”. Adding that, I want to make my parents proud and feel like their hardwork is paid off, and i am giving it as a gift to valley.

“During decline of Mughal Rule, gently calligraphy was vanishing, now it is growing up day by day, my main focus is to revival it for future” she added.

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