Snowfall in Saudi Arabia, a 50-year record broken

Abu Dhabi: Everybody stunned when the news of the heavy snowfall came from Saudi Arabia. People are forced to think about how snowfall is possible in the desert-covered hot country. Recently, many pictures and videos have been going viral on social media, which clearly shows that there is snowfall in Saudi.

In fact, everyone is surprised to see snowfall in Saudi Arabia from pictures surfaced on social media. It can be seen in this video that there has been such a heavy snowfall that along with the sand of the desert, a white sheet of snow has been laid on the back of the camels. It is being told that after almost 50 years, the snow has fallen in Saudi. Although, there has been snowfall before, but not on such a large scale.

The snowfall in Saudi is being described as a rare occurrence for the entire Gulf countries. The icy winter has knocked here a week ago. The temperature has reached minus 2 degrees. Animals along with people in the residential area are also very disturbed by this fierce snowfall. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has also issued an alert regarding snowfall. The Meteorological Department says that in the coming days, the cold may increase a lot. The Meteorological Department has advised people to stay indoors. People have been asked to wear more warm clothes, especially at night.

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