‘Situation in Jammu worse than Kashmir’, Some channels promote BJP instead of Constitution: Mehbooba

Jammu: PDP president and former Jammu Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti Monday said that Article 370 is not about Muslims versus Hindus and Kashmir versus Jammu. She said the situation in Jammu is worse than Kashmir, though it is not highlighted.

“The darkness that started post-August 5, 2019 has engulfed Jammu also and people here are too much worried about the sequence of events.”

While addressing a press conference in Jammu, Mehbooba Mufti said that BJP is hell bent to destroy Jammu and Kashmir and this party has left no stone unturned to make people lose their identity.

“Despite suffering huge losses on account of abrogation of Article 370 and Covid-19 pandemic, BJP has put land and natural resources of Kashmir and Jammu on sale,” she said adding that people will give a befitting reply to BJP and they won’t forgive this party for destroying J&K.

“BJP is acting as an imperialistic entity. Our natural resources are being looted. Our power has been looted. Our accession was conditional. Jammu and Kashmir has not merged with India but acceded with certain conditions. Annulment of Special Status has affected Jammu too.”

The former Jammu Kashmir Chief Minister as per KNT said that land has already shrunk in Jammu and Kashmir. “An impression is given that J&K has not developed. Our people don’t sleep on railway tracks and are not homeless. BJP is simply misleading the whole country,” she said.

“The flag of Jammu and Kashmir was given to us by the Constitution and they have snatched our identity. Outsiders are being given contracts for the extraction of natural resources. Punjabi Language has not been included in the Official Language list as Sikh community is demanding that. They say to the rest of India to buy the land in Jammu and Kashmir but have they rehabilitated the Kashmiri migrants.”

“The voices of people in Kashmir as well as Jammu are being muzzled and choked. If the land and jobs are on sale, then where we will go?. There are some Media Channels which are promoting the BJP agenda not the Constitution. We should look at America, how the media played their role but it is unfortunate how the media is playing the role here. This narrative of 370 and 35A is not working anymore. The injustice will not prevail always, like what has happened to Trump. Casual Labourers have been demanding the regularization and I had already signed and recommended the regularization of 60,000 casual labourers,” she said.

Asking BJP not to demand certificate of nationalism from them and stop preaching them about Indian flag, Mehbooba Mufti said that her father was the one who raised the Indian flag when people boycotted them.

“Whosoever speaks about the injustices and the laws that are being forcibly extended are being pushed to the wall. They are being jailed. Youth prefer to hold guns and in fact militancy has increased during BJP rule,” she said.

In response to a question, Mehbooba Mufti as per KNT said that: “today we are fighting DDC elections jointly to defeat the divisive forces. “When we can have 8 rounds of talks with China why can’t the people of Jammu and Kashmir be taken on board. Why this double standard, BJP should learn something from Vajpayee,” she said.

“We want our rights back and restoration of article 370. Why Nagaland is not discussed on TV debates that refuse to accept the constitution and flag. BJP has desecrated the constitution of BR Ambedkar which had given us 370, i will only raise the flag of India along the flag of Jammu and Kashmir. People of Jammu and Kashmir have realized and have understanding about the essence of special status,” she said. (KNT)

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