Shiv Sena Alleges BJP Using Central Probe Agencies To “Pressurise” Rivals

MUMBAI: Shiv Sena on Sunday slammed Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led Central government for allegedly using CBI and ED for pressurising the non-BJP governments and political opponents in the country.

“Even in the pre-independence period, people were not afraid of the tyrannical British rule. Today rich politicians, industrialists submit before the ‘ED’ and ‘CBI’. The ruling party uses such mechanisms to put pressure on the opponents,” Shiv Sena said in its mouthpiece Saamana.

Shiv Sena said that Maharashtra police and experts have a ‘clear opinion’ ED entered into former Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh’s house illegally for the raid.

“A large contingent of Central police has surrounded Deshmukh’s house. The ED acted as if Deshmukh was a dacoit of Chambal Valley… This entry is illegal, the Maharashtra Police and experts have a clear opinion. But no one is ready to speak and stand against ED,” it stated.

“This is a direct attack on the autonomy of Maharashtra,” Saamana added.

The editorial further talked about Shiv Sena MLA Pratap Sarnaik’s letter to Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, and questioned, “Why is Sarnaik being troubled after bringing a breach of privilege motion against Arnab Goswami?”

“The ED started harassing Sarnaik, saying that there was a mistake in his land-related transactions. But now the biggest land scam has come to the fore in the construction work of Shri Ram temple in Ayodhya. Relatives of Ayodhya Mayor Hrishikesh Upadhyay took land worth a penny and sold it to Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Trust for crores of rupees. This is also the subject of an investigation by ‘ED’ or ‘CBI’, but they are all free. But in Maharashtra and elsewhere, the MLAs continue to be harassed unnecessarily,” it said.

It took a dig at the actions of central agencies and said, “It seems that ED and CBI were established only for states like Bengal and Maharashtra.”

Further talking about Sarnaik, it said that the Maharashtra MLA is ‘absconding’ for the past five-month because of ED’s action against him and his family said, “State governments cannot stop the unnecessary harassment of the central investigation agency, this is the biggest misfortune of democracy!”

However, the party asserted that despite ‘harassment’, Sarnaik will not join BJP, and said, “It is a misconception that taking action against Pratap Sarnaik and his family will lead him to the BJP… Sarnaik has firmly said that I will fight only by staying in Shiv Sena! Seeing Pratap Saraik’s condition if anyone thinks that Shivsena’s situation will get worse, it’s their illusion”

It alleged that businessmen and politicians are called by ED for questioning and are interrogated about “political subjects keeping aside the subject of the original investigation.” “Everything that is asked has nothing to do with the original crime. This is a way to exert pressure,” it said.

Shiv Sena also alleged that CBI attached properties of Businessman Avinash Bhosale to create pressure on Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar.

“Activist Anjali Damania said that attachment of properties of businessman Avinash Bhosale is done just to make pressure on Ajit Pawar. Damania said that ‘Avinash Bhosle is close to Ajit Pawar, all these people know. The action of confiscation of Bhosale’s property means the order was given by the BJP or the Center to the ‘ED’. It seems that CBI and ED both agencies that are being used for political purposes,” it said.

“What Anjali Damania said further is very important, ‘At present, if talks are going on with Shiv Sena under ‘Plan A’, then ‘Plan B’ is also ready, they are seen trying to put pressure on Ajit Pawar. are. All this is disgusting politics. Power must be given in any case, that is their motto!,” Shiv Sena added.

“Institutions like ‘ED’ or ‘CBI’ should work impartially and independently,” Shiv Sena added.

The editorial also recalled actions of CBI against Union Home Minister Amit Shah and said, “in past, CBI had tightened its noose against Amit Shah in various matters, it didn’t even let him take bail. He had to live in exile for some time. All that was done due to vendetta politics.” and added that BJP is using the agencies to ‘harass’ other politicians and parties. (ANI)

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