Shah Faesal, Er Rashid Forge Alliance For Assembly Polls

Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Peoples Movement led by Shah Faesal and Awami Itehaad Party led by Engineer Abdul Rasheed Sheikh on Tuesday emtered into pre-poll alliance.

The duo parties announced the decision while addressing a presser today at Kashmir Press Club.

They said that there was a dire meed of emtering into an alliance ahead of the assembly polls.

Er Rasheed told media persons that this alliance will continue even after the elections, adding that they beleive they will get the majoroty of the seats here and will form the next government on their own.

The front they formed today has benw named as Peoples United Front.

Er Rasheed said that they are opem for talks to anyone, sayong anybody having Common agenda is welcomed.

Shah Faesal said that the front has been formed witha motive to provide people a credible political alternative.

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