‘PSA slapped because…’: Mehbooba’s daughter comes out with point-by-point ‘rebuttal’ of charges

Claiming that the PSA dossier states the PDP’s green flag “reflects radical origin”, Iltija said the Army’s uniform and the flag of BJP ally JD(U) are also green.

New Delhi: Days after former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mehbooba Mufti was booked under the stringent Public Safety Act (PSA), her daughter Iltija Mufti has come out with a “point by point rebuttal” of the reasons the authorities have cited for the move.

Iltija, who now operates Mehbooba’s Twitter handle, claimed that the PDP chief was slapped with the PSA because of her refusal to sign “an illegal bond that no statements against scrapping of Article 370 will be made”.

“However, BJP can exploit Article 370 esp in election campaigns inc Delhi but those most affected by it cannot utter a word. Why is BJP scared of a debate?” Iltija tweeted on Sunday.

She further said the authorities have claimed the PSA was invoked against Mehbooba for “provocative statements that led to incitement of violence” without citing any such specific statements. “GOI should substantiate this with evidence. Examples like BJP ministers who actually incited violence in Delhi with ‘Desh ke gadaron ko’ slogan followed by shootings,” Iltija said.

The PDP leader’s daughter also questioned why Prime Minister Narendra Modi “heaped praises” on Mehbooba in 2016 — when the BJP and PDP had an alliance government in Jammu and Kashmir — “when today they accuse of her being hand in glove with separatists?”

Claiming that the PSA dossier states “green colour of party flag (PDP) reflects radical origin”, Iltija said the Army’s uniform and the flag of BJP ally JD(U) were also green.

“It alleges that PDP party symbol has been taken from Muslim United Front which participated in 1987 elections in J&K. PDPs party symbol has been approved by ECI. Is GOI going to question & undermine decisions of ECI so brazenly now?” Iltija tweeted.

“Subject recognised as a hard-headed and scheming person. Known for dangerous & insidious machinations. Compares her to a medieval historical figure who usurped power by poisoning her opponents. Again since Ms Muftis ‘alleged character’ didn’t change why did BJP compromise on their ideology? Why did they forego core issues like maintaining status quo on Article 370 in PDP BJPs agenda of alliance? Selective amnesia?” Iltija tweeted.

Talking about several tweets by Mehbooba that she said were used to justify the PSA, Iltija said: “Is it illegal to question a vitiated atmosphere where BJP portrays Muslims (in minority) as a real threat to Hindus (in the majority)?…GOI has no tolerance for dissent/criticism. Does questioning this government’s policies & priorities amount to sedition?”
(The Indian Express)

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