People urge govt to ban religious debates, spreading hate on TV channels


Srinagar, June 11 : People across all sections have urged the government to ban religious debates on TV channels as they are the main reason for spreading hate and venom among the people.

Talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS), people across all sections of the society expressed concern over the rising trend of religious debates on TV channels spreading hate among different communities and religions.

“Government should act immediately and should act tough against these TV channels and the guests who hold religious debates as their sole aim is to spread hate and venom among the people,” said a civil society member.

He said that these debates on TV channels are the main reason of spreading hate against different communities and religions in the country.

He further said that the sole aim of TV channels is to gain TRP, be it at the cost of spreading hate, pitting one community against another or creating war like situation in the country.

People urged the government to take urgent measures in order to stop such hate-mongering on TV channels through such religious debates.

They said that if the government did not act now, the time will not be far when we see people coming on streets against each other.

Notably, protests and clashes were reported from different parts of the country for the last few day over hate comments made by BJP spokesperson (now suspended), Nupur Sharma during a debate against Prophet Mohammad (SAW). (KNS)

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