New political party on launch edges in jammu and Kashmir



In jammu and kashmir a new political party will be launched very soon.
While conforming from sources a new political party namely people’s peace party is on edges to be launched. The main agenda of the party will be focusing on the core issues like poverty, youth development and enhancement, education reforms, all round development of intellectual and sports activities, boost of moral values and Refreshment of social structure, honor and dignity of native kashmiris, protection of life, peace and prosperity.
While conforming from close sources the party is working on its structure from last couple of months. Highly intellectual and dignified personalities have been involved in its framing : sources confirmed . It seems that a situation of ease and sensation of hope is about to land on the soil of kashmir. The sources also confirmed that the party is going to very extent to fight against dynastic political vandalism, social evils, exploited political propaganda, and emotional vote grabbing techniques.Sources while conforming from the tweeter handle of jkppp President . That the party urges the people of jammu and Kashmir to unite for the dream of one jammu and kashmir because unity of ours is need of the time.Another leader of jkppp tweeted that the party has been established with aim to fight against injustice, corruption and abuse of power.
While conforming from the close source of the party’s General Sec. The party is on stand to protect women population, reforms for corporate system, strengthening the entrepreneur system, bringing golden changes in tourism.

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