Militant Violence Up In Jammu And Kashmir, Down In NE In 2018

New Delhi: Jammu and Kashmir witnessed the maximum number of militant violence incidents in 2018 as compared to the four years before that, whereas such incidents in the country’s north east and Naxal-hit areas saw a marginal drop in the same comparative period, the government told the Parliament Tuesday.

Minister of State for Home Hansraj G Ahir furnished a statement in the Lok Sabha on a question related to details of militants and insurgent incidents that took place in India between 2014 and 2018.

The reply said a total of 614 militant incidents took place last year in Jammu and Kashmir that led to the killing of a maximum of 91 government forces personnel and 257 militants over a five-year period.

In these incidents in 2018, 38 civilians were also killed, Ahir said.

The comparative figures for 2017 were 342 militant incidents that led to the killing of 40 civilians, 80 government forces personnel and 213 militants.

The north eastern theatre witnessed a decline in violent incidents over the five-year period, as per last year’s data a total of 252 insurgency incidents took place that led to the killing of 23 civilians, 14 government forces personnel and 34 extremists.

The comparative figures for the north east in 2017 was 308 incidents that led to the death of 37 civilians, 12 government forces personnel and 57 extremists.

In the Left Wing Extremism-hit (LWE) areas, a total of 833 incidents of violence were registered last year where 173 civilians, 67 government forces personnel and 225 Maoists were killed.

In 2017, a total of 908 incidents of violence took place in the LWE-affected areas that led to the killing of 188 civilians, 75 government forces personnel and 136 Naxals.

The figures of these incidents during the 2016-17 period was higher than the last two years, the data provided by the minister said.

In the hinterland of the country, Ahir said, only one militant incident was registered last year that led to the killing of three people.

While there were no such incidents in the previous year, one such incident was registered in 2016 that led to the killing of one civilian, seven government forces personnel and four militants. (PTI)

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