Meet Snober Ashraf, an autodidacted artist and calligrapher from old city (Downtown) in Srinagar.

Meet Snober Ashraf, an autodidacted artist and calligrapher from old city (Downtown) in Srinagar.

I am thankful to Almighty Allah for everything he has bestowed upon us, we should be thankful to HIM in every situation, because HE has blessed us in uncountable ways.

While Talking to ANN NEWS Snober Ashraf, said, The interest in art was cultivated in me from my childhood, and I started doing art in 2019. Before that, I never took it that seriously.Throughout my life, I have always been enthralled by nature and I cherish that connection. I feel close to Almighty Allah when I spend time with nature. Colours are an essential part of our existence and it’s evident in nature. Inspired by nature, I love to paint landscapes, sunsets, galaxies and much more.Apart from painting, I also do Arabic Calligraphy, English Calligraphy, and Abstract Calligraphy. I believe myself to be a beginner in the vast field of Calligraphy. I developed my interest in it in the year 2019 when I saw a calligraphic post on social media, I tried to imitate it and that is how my journey started.

Snober Ashraf, also added that I began exploring art as a form of emotional release. This is where I became passionate about art, and in particular, Arabic calligraphy. Calligraphy is held in high regard by muslims because of its association with the Holy Qur’an. Calligraphy teaches us discipline and it teaches us how to be patient.

Art is a kind of therapy in itself. As we know, life in Kashmir is very difficult. People are depressed. Years of conflict has left us traumatized and now the battle of coronavirus has left us all numb. I think we can use art as a freedom from depression. It gives us an escape from the bitter reality and brings us back to see the beauty again. It gives us inner satisfaction and peace of mind. People appreciate my work. Positive feedback from people boosts my confidence and encourages me to do more.  She also added I request my brethren of Kashmir to invest their time wisely and show talent in great things.

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