Meet Faheem Fatima, A young artist from Hawal, Srinagar

Faheem Fatima, is a young artist from Hawal, Srinagar who does paintings usually with acrylic and oil paints. 

She picked up the brush at an early age and since has filled numerous canvasses with colour.

She is thankful to her teacher Ishfaq Ali, an artist himself who has guided the young painter since she was in 8th standard, helped her groom her skills when she needed it the most.

Her family has also supported and encouraged her in this venture. It helped Faheem to grow as a person and an artist as she was able to put more effort into art.

An artist always looks for inspiration and for her the landscape of Kashmir offers exactly that and more. She has visualized a lot of her works while on the move across the city and other places. Many monuments, scenery and other places offer a chance to be used as elements in various paintings. 

Painting is not a hobby for her, it is her passion. And passion demands a certain level of dedication. Faheem takes this challenge head on, spending endless hours, some late into the night to hone her craft and come up with some of her  most staggering works. Painting isn’t an easy thing and requires great imagination and then the ability to pour it on the canvas.

To promote painting and other such art forms, she believes children need to be supported if they are inclined towards art as it helps them to express themselves better. She also holds the opinion that young artists should follow their own lead and not look at others, who have been doing this for a long time. They must look over their own progress and improvement. 

Faheem believes since painting is a free art form, not confined to a set of rules, young painters should make their own splash on the canvas. They should follow their own imagination and creativity.

She hopes to help young and promising artists accomplish their dreams by helping them whenever she can. This is a big deal for her as she understands the importance of being supported and guided in the right manner from an early age.

Faheem is truly one of those artists who will make a huge impact going forward. At such a young age, this feels like only the beginning of a journey filled with colors and hues for the young illustrator



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