Kulgam police warns of stringent action against those spreading rumours on Kulgam encounter

KULGAM: The Jammu Kashmir Police in Kulgam has taken a strong note of the “mischievous” activity of some persons on social media sites who are making “false claims” on the Kulgam Encounter.

In a statement, Kulgam press said that “rumours” are being spread on social media that Zakir Bashir Naik (S/0 Bashir Ahmad Naik R/O Chimmer Di Pora, the terrorist who was eliminated on 30 June 2021 in an encounter at Chimmer DH Pora) was not a terrorist.

They said that the claim is totally baseless.

In its press release, they said, The fact is that he had joined terrorist ranks in June 2021 as confirmed by various field and intelligence agencies. Also, he was the first person who used deadly force against security forces cordoning the area. In self defence, retaliatory action was undertaken in which he was neutralised.

Unfortunately, on social media platforms, some miscreants are spreading false but sensitive updates regarding the matter that could emerge as a threat to peace and order

SP Kulgam has appealed everyone to make use of social media platforms in a careful, positive and responsible manner. And also warned all the “mischievous elements that whosoever attempts to instigate the public by spreading baseless rumours will be dealt with sternly.

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