KRZONIX – The Emerging EDM artists of Jharkhand

Music is one form of entertainment that works as medicine for all age group people. Music pours pure bliss, happiness and peace in people’s lives. Being a huge industry, there has been tremendous competition going around and artists today have to be at their creative best to win the hearts of the audiences. We met one Duo Ace artists proving their prowess as an astute DJ/PRODUCER from India, Aman Singh & Krishna Mukhiaka KRZONIX.

This Jharkhand-born artist was brought up in Ranchi & Chakradharpur and with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, “Aman Singh” this Guy is From Bokaro He is already a DJ with his Stage Name “DJ SONIC” He Learned Deejaying from Ranchi now. He has excelled in his career performing in many Clubs & Music’s Festivals including Dunes Music Festival & some Premium Bars, Restaurants & Lounges Etc.

Krishna Mukhi He is From Chakradharpur /Jharkhand He  Learnt Music Production by Himself He is aka “Kriz Quanta” He is EDM/BDM DJ/PRODUCER When he is Just 17 he Signed his 1st Record Label called Play Life Records by Indias No 1 DJ NYK, Now Krishna Signed many International Record Labels like Musata Music, United Music Group, Ultrawave Records, AX Records ETC He is also Supported By Indian superstar DJ NYK and International DJ/PRODUCER “AVADOX” Which is recently Playing on the main stage of  Ultra Music Festivals. Krishna has propelled into a true-blue professional mastering the art of music and garnering much love and recognition. Being inclined towards music since childhood, it wasn’t difficult for him to choose it as a full-time career and profession and work passionately towards developing his own genre of music and creating a special name and place for himself in the music realm. Getting the required support from his parents and drawing inspiration from them, Kriz Quanta got more motivation in making a commendable stand for himself in the industry after Signing International Record Labels & Supported By Many DJs Around the Globe.

Aman & Krishna Meet in Instagram and  they Decided to Join a Force with their new Alter Ego “KRZONIX” in end of year 2021 .This Group Making EDM Music’s & Live Performing on the Stages it’s Not End KRZONIX Releases his 1st Original Track called “Feel The Waves” Via UltrawaveRecords/Netherlands and this track Cross now 6900 Streams on Spotify and also this Track Is Supported by most Talented International DJ/Producer “LUKAS” from California/United States he support KRZONIX Track Feel the  Waves on his Radio Show Called “TEAM MBL” After this Big Achievement They Released his Another Bigroom Track Called “AAJA” Via Kibbutz Records/Portuguese this Track Got 10K Streams In Spotify also it’s Supported by International DJ HK and Playlisted on Many Radio Shows…

After Got massive Supports and Streams “KRZONIX” has Bunch of New Tracks on His Sleeves. KRZONIX Is Going to Release his Another Bigroom Track on 3 June with KrizQuanta Via Musata Music /IRAN and it’s Gonna Be Boom….

There are a few other tracks as well that They are working on right now, and They can’t wait to share them with the audience. Do follow Them on Instagram @krzonixofficial to get more updates.

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