Kashmiri separatist Reached out Delhi with begging bowl, regrets past activities

Zahid Yaqoob/ Tariq Bhat  

Srinagar, Feb 9: A Srinagar based group of separatist has reached out to central government with begging bowl, seeking apologies for their past activities, highly placed sources told ANN News.

The group has also presented a proposal before centre for fighting of assembly polls in J&K and tendered unconditional apologies for their past activities.

This is also seen a major setback to Pakistan narrative as Pakistan has been propagating false narrative about Kashmir on international forums, but never succeeded.


A video available with ANN News also shows as how separatist leaders are begging before Delhi to forgive their past blunders. ANN News also run this video in its prime time show Saath Se Aath Tariq Bhat Ke Saath on Tuesday evening at 7pm.


It is pertinent to mention that separatists in Kashmir have been dancing on the tunes of Pakistan and ISI. However, now realizing as how Pakistan was exploiting the Kashimiri youth for proxy war, they have been disowned by the people of Kashmir. (ANN News)

ANN News

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