Kargil Elections Update

Kargil Elections Update

NC Win 10 seat Congress win 8 seat, PDP win 2 seats, BJP win 1 seat independent win 5 seat.

1-Padum:- NC
2-Taisuru:- NC
3-Thangldhumbur sankoo :- NC
4-Pashkum :- Congress
5-Rambirpora Drass :- NC
6-Poyen :- NC
7-Bhimbhat : Congress
8-Silmoo:- NC
9-G.M pore :- Ind
10-Choskore:- Congress
11-Khangral :- Congress
12-Trespone :- Ind
13-Shakar:- Congress
14-Chicktan:- PDP
15:- Barsoo:- Ind
16:-Thasgam Thuina:- NC
17:- Parkachik:- NC
18:- Baroo:- Congress
19:- Kargil town:- NC
21:- Cha:- BJP
22:-Pashkum :- congress
23:- saliskot:- independent
24:-lankerchey:- Ind
25:-Chuli Skambo:- NC
26:-yourbaltaq:- IND

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