JKWP thanks LG for approving developmental projects for Langate

Srinagar, Nov 24: Mir Junaid, President JKWP on Wednesday thanked Lt Governor for approving developmental projects worth 25 Crores for Langate in north Kashmir.
In a statement issued here, Mir said JKWP had meticulously made the detailed list, and Lt Governor had it approved immediately.
The LG has approved developmental projects worth 25 crores for Langate, in Kupwara district under NABARD.
He also appreciated the Jammu and Workers Party Team which had meticulously designed the entire Project Report which was submitted to the Lt Governor by Mir himself.
In the interest of the general public, Mir said that the following Projects had been approved:
1) Upgradation of Supernaghama road including allied links-with AA. 296.54 lacs
2) Upgradation of Goori Mohalla & War Mohalla road Rencpath – with AA. 270.22 lacs
3) Upgradation of Kralgund inner links and Bicherwari inner links including link from Dalgate
Mohalla upto Nihama – w ith AA. 294.48 lacs
4) Construction / Upgradation of Marble Colony to Waterkhani includinc Shalpora link. 222.64
5) Upgradation of Gori Mohalla and War Mohalla Road Renaoath includina Doaaroora Road.
446.53 lacs
6) Widening / Upgradation of Langate to Shanoo road. 738.46 lacs
7) Widening / Upgradation of Larganpora to Naribal road via Gundchabutra. 673.04 lacs
8) Construction of 1×30 Mtr Span Single lane Truss Girder Bridae at Sandi langate . 269.56 lac
9) Construction of 1×40 Mtr Span Single lane Truss
10) Girder Bridqe at Haril langate . 379.49 lacs
11) Widening & Upgradation of Wangam to Reshipora Road. 559.33 lacs
12) Construction/ Upgradation of Badrah Payeen to Badrah Bala Road includinq allied links. 323.10
13) Upgradation of Tarathpora Darill Bala Ganie Mohalla road includinc its allied links. 225.28 lacs
14) Improvement / Upgradation of Kakodari Ashpora road. 226.30 lacs
15) Upgradation of Check Sodel to Tumpura road 217.77 lacs
16) Construction/ Upgradation of Khowerwara link road including allied links. 266.63 lacs
17) Construction/ Upgradation of Mughalpora Parraynar road including allied links. 487.23 lacs
18) Construction/ Upgradation Kundian Keran Bone Dub Reddi Chowkibal including allied links.
348.07 lacs
19) Construction of road from Dogripora to Dardhaj. 245.57 lacs.

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