J&K Govt Ends 149-Year-Old ‘Darbar Move’ Practice

SRINAGAR: Saying goodbye to the 149-year-old official practice of rotating the seat of governance between the twin capitals of Srinagar and Jammu on six-monthly basis called the ‘Darbar Move’, J&K government on Wednesday cancelled the practice and the accommodations given to employees who would shuttle between the twin capitals.

Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha had said on June 20 that since the administration had completed transition to e-office, there was no need to continue the practice of the biennial ‘Darbar Move’ of the government offices.

All officers allotted the ‘Darbar Move’ accommodation at the twin capitals of Jammu and Srinagar have been asked to vacate the same within three weeks.

The decision to end the biennial ‘Darbar Move’ will save the exchequer Rs 200 crore each year.

Following this decision, government offices will now function normally at both Jammu and Srinagar.

The Raj Bhawan, Civil Secretariat, offices of all major heads of departments would earlier shuttle between Jammu and Srinagar following the Darbar Move. (IANS)

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