International Yoga Day celebrated in Pakistan

Pakistan  Today celebrates International Yoga Day (IYD) on Tuesday with a few holding special Yoga therapeutic sessions in a bid to bring awareness among people about the benefits of Yoga to improve their physical and mental health.



Ibreez Rumi of Lahore based

Rumi Yoga

and Wellness talked about the prevalent childhood depression in the society and how Yogic exercises can help to improve it. He said there were certain Yoga poses that could not only help to alleviate the severity of the depression but also heal it. He said several Yoga postures were helpful in improving the overall physical and mental health and total well-being. “In therapeutic Yoga, we heal the patient with a particular posture and holistic healing,” said he.



Nausheen Khattak who runs

Yoga Xone

in Lahore said she had organized a free Yoga Open House for people of all age groups to mark the day .“Yoga is simply about finding yourself! Access to yourself! The greater you. The physical part of yoga begins to refine you and connect you to something greater than yourself. The brain is nature’s brilliance so we really need to un-learn to learn. Lately, there is a lot of Yoga awareness in Pakistan” said Nausheen. At the same time, she expressed gratitude toward India for spreading the teachings of Yoga.



The members of the Indian High Commission in Pakistan also practised yoga asanas as they enthusiastically participated in the International Yoga Day celebrations while adhering to social distancing norms. The Indian High Commission organised a yoga session in the premises of its sprawling building located in the diplomatic enclave area of the capital Islamabad.


The High Commission tweeted that yoga helps to achieve a healthy mind and body.

“The members of the High Commission of India in Pakistan enthusiastically participated in the

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